Planned Giving Option #1 - Employer Match

Double your impact with matching gifts!  You can make your conservation dollars go further by having your employer match your donation. Matching your gift is easy, simply contact your human resources department to check and see if your company will match your gift. Many companies donate 50-100% of the donation amount.

Most companies ask you to complete and return a short form or may require the Saddler's Woods Conservation Association’s tax identification number, which is 20-1377316.

Planned Giving Option #2 - Bequests and Estate Planning

A bequest under your will or revocable trust can complement your lifestyle and commitments today while supporting Saddler’s Woods Conservation Association tomorrow.

Donors choose a bequest because:

  • It is not payable until death, so it does not affect your assets or cash flow during your lifetime,
  • It is revocable – you can change the provisions in your will or trust at any time, and
  • It is private – your will is not filed or made public until your death.

Please email if you have chosen to leave a bequest to Saddler's Woods Conservation Association.

Your giving options are increased:

  • A bequest can deliver a specific gift to Saddler's Woods Conservation Association ("I bequeath the sum of Ten Thousand [$10,000] Dollars"). Alternately, it can deliver a percentage of the balance remaining in your estate after taxes, expenses and specific bequests have been paid — what's known as the residue ("I bequeath Ten [10%] Percent of the residue of my estate").
  • You can designate that a particular program or activity benefit from your bequest. Or, you can make your bequest unrestricted and allow us to use it for our top priorities when we receive your gift.

Question: Is a bequest deductible?

A bequest from a will or a trust distribution is fully deductible for federal estate tax purposes, and there is no limit on the deduction your estate can claim. In addition, the gift is usually exempt from state inheritance taxes.

Planning points:

  • The more narrowly you restrict the use of your bequest, the greater the risk that the program you want to benefit today won't be as vital or as relevant when we receive your gift in the future. Please talk with us as you are drafting your will if you want to restrict the use of your bequest. 
  • The remaining balance in your retirement plan makes a tax-wise gift to Saddler’s Woods Conservation Association, but don't direct it to us through your will or trust – that will include the plan in your taxable estate. Use your plan's successor beneficiary form, instead.

Contact our gift planners today with any questions or to learn more about how gift and estate planning can benefit you and nature. Your inquiry is always confidential. Call: (856) 869-7372 or Email: